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Queso Palmero DOP

      Palmero PDO
      Queso de la Palma

The Queso Palmero PDO is a cheese produced with goat's milk from the Palmera breed.

The production area of Queso Palmero PDO is located only on the isle of La Palma in the Archipelago of the Canaries.

Queso Palmero PDO owes it characteristics to the well-rooted tradition of the indigenous, pre-Hispanic tribes, which has been continued by the following generations. Written evidence exists to show that this cheese was exported to America.


A clean flavor and aroma of goat’s milk and natural rennet. Reminiscent of grass, hay, mushrooms or nuts. The smoked cheeses offer aromas of almond shell, Canary pine needles and dry prickly pears. Slightly sharp on the palate with medium saltiness, and some sweet notes in the aftertaste. The texture is firm, elastic and medium soft.

A flattened cylindrical shape with flat top and bottom. Height 6-15 cm (2½-6”), diameter 12-60 cm (4¾–23½”) (two to four times the height) and weight 0.75-16 kg (1½ -33 lb).The rind on the sides is smooth, and may have small round marks from the holes made in the molds to drain off the whey. The top and bottom may have small, square markings.

The color is white in unsmoked cheeses and may become yellowish during ripening. Smoked cheeses may be brownish and have darkish stripes. When the cheeses have been rubbed with oil, cornmeal or flour, the rind is colored accordingly. The producer’s identification seal is imprinted on the top.

The paste is a shiny white, turning ivory or matte with ripening. The cut surface shows no cavities or cracks, although there may be some small, unevenly distributed eyes. The physical and chemical characteristics vary depending on the degree of ripening but minimum contents are as follows:


Queso Palmero PDO should be kept at a temperature of 4 to 6°C. The product is best eaten as a starter or appetiser, but can also be used as an ingredient in various dishes or island specialities. It can be used in the preparation of many typical recipes such as cheese soup, sauce, and fried cheese with saffron. It goes well with new red wines of the Canary Islands or with dry white fruity wines.


PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)(ES). Protected designation of origińe (PDO) stands for a product for which the principal steps for production are done following a well-established technique within the same geographical area, which gives the product its characteristics. Year of registration 2002



Dietary product




   17.5 gr. per 100 gr.

Fat in dry matter

   35.1 %

The dry residue

   48.5 %


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