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Tania Toscana Sheep Milk Cheese


Tania Sheep Milk Cheese is our award winning aged Toscano style sheep’s milk cheese. It is made from 100% sheep milk and has a mild, sweet, yet nutty flavor.

First Place American Cheese Society 2013, 2014

First Place British Empire Cheese Competition 2011, 2012, 2013

First Place Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

First Place Canadian Cheese Competition 2014, best Ontario Cheese 2016

Gold at the International Cheese Awards (Nantwich, UK) 2014, 2015

Super Gold at the World Cheese competition (Birmingham, UK) 2013

Tania Double Win: First prize at the ACS 2014 and Best Canadian Sheep Cheese at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, United Kingdom


It is made using one hundred percent pasturized sheeps milk and is pressed and bandaged-wrapped and aged for a minimum of six months. At that time, it has sweet and nutty flavor notes and with further aging it develops a lingering caramel nuance.


This cheese can be used in all culinary recipes that call for cheddar or Pecorino. Tania will add a new twist as a topper on baked potatoes, will work beautifully in your favorite pasta dish and will stand out on it’s own…perhaps with carmalized onions on the side. For your lunch sandwich it goes great with an apple cider or, at dinner, a Chardonnay is a perfect match.


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