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Abbaye de Belval

      Le Belval
      Le Trappiste de Belval or Belval

This cheese is also known as Le Trappiste de Belval or Belval. Manufactured in historical Picardy province of north France by Trappist sisters, Abbaye de Belval is matured for about 60 days in the cellars of the abbey with great care. The disc shaped, semihard cheese is made from cow's milk and has a light aroma.


Texturally, it has an ivory white paste and a smooth, glossy, golden, washed rind.


This cheese which reminds of Saint-Paulin has been made since 1893 by the sisters of the abbey. The Belval cheese makes a perfect pair with all light, fruity red or fullbodied red wines such as Beaujolais, Chinon, Champigny and many more.


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Dietary product



Fat in dry matter

   40 - 46 %


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