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Romadur is a soft cheese with origins in Belgium. It was introduced into Germany, specifically Bavaria (Bayern), in the 1830's.

During its aging period, Romadur is regularly washed in salt water, making its surface permeable to a certain reddish-orange bacteria. This process gives the cheese a reddish-brown rind, a distinctive flavor, and a very strong aroma.

Romadur cheese usually comes in a small, retangular log. Its fat content varies from 30% to 60%.


Flavor: Mild to lightly tangy. Strong, spicy aroma.

Consistency: Creamy soft. Yellow to reddish surface (no rind). Pale, slightly shiney dough when young; becomes yellow with age.


omadur tastes very good with white bread toast, Pumpernickel bread, and Laugenbrötchen. In cooking, Romadur can be used in casseroles or for Käsespätzle. It also pairs nicely with a full-bodied wine or a strong beer.


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Dietary product



Fat in dry matter

   20 - 60 %


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