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Arômes au Gène de Marc

      Aromes au Gene de Marc
      Arôme de Lyon

Aromes au Gene du Marc is a French, traditional farmhouse cheese from the Lyonnais region produced in wine growing regions several months after the last of the vintage. This unpasteurised cheese is produced in small truckles. It has a strong and bittersweet flavour and a distinctively yeasty characteristic.


An ideal partner of wine, Aromes au Gene de Marc is made from mixed cow's and goat's milk and immature cheese such as Rigotte or St Marcellin. It is macerated or cured in vats of fermenting grape skins and pips (known as marc). The resulting cheese is a small, 80 to 120g round with a strong, bittersweet, yeasty taste and aroma. During its maturation period, the cheese changes it's texture dramatically from creamy-moist when young to flaky-hard when aged. After maturing, it develops a powerful pungent taste as well. It is then rolled in a marc (mass of skins, seeds and stalks left behind after extracting juice from graphes) before being sold.


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