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Kanterkaas gtS

      Kanterkaas PDO
      Frisian clove cheese

The Kanterkaas, Kanternagelkaas, andKanterkomijnekaas PDO are hard cheeses produced from pasteurized milk that can also be flavoured with cloves and/or cumin.

The Kanterkaas, Kanternagelkaas andKanterkomijnekaas PDO production area lies in the Friesland and Groningen regions.

The history of Kanterkaas, Kanternagelkaas and Kanterkomijnekaas PDO is closely linked to the ancient tradition of the Dutch cheese production. The cheeses were initially sold in local markets only, and later began to be exported becoming known in many European countries, as is proven by the customs ledgers dating back to 1532. The Kanternagelkaas was very popular in the second half of the 19th century due to the addition of cumin and cloves. Industrial production began in 1890 using a procedure very close to the

The product is sold as Kanterkaas PDO, Kanternagelkaas PDO and Kanterkomijnekaas PDO. The Kanterkaas PDO is available for consumption in two variations depending on the fat content: Kanterkaas PDO 20+ with fat content between 20% and 25%; Kanterkaas PDO 40+ with fat content between 40% and 44%. It is marketed in vacuum packs of various weights.

The excellent quality of the Kanterkaas, Kanternagelkaas and Kanterkomijnekaas PDO cheese is due to the environmental and soil-climatic conditions of the production area. In fact the area is characterized by an unpolluted environment, especially suited to the breading of dairy animal, which produces excellent quality forage and the livestock have a very broad grazed areas, factors that lead to a high quality milk.


Kanterkaas, Kanterkomijnekaas and Kanternagelkaas PDO have a flattened cylindrical shape. The rind of the Kanterkaas, Kanterkomijnekaas and Kanternagelkaas PDO are normally natural or treated with a colourless or yellowish liquid coating for cheeses, a reddish liquid coating can also be used for the Kanterkomijnekaas PDO. The Kanterkaas PDO has a pleasant flavour that ranges from spicy to strong depending on the degree of ripening. The Kanternagelkaas PDO with cloves has a fragrant, spicy and pleasant flavour ranging from spicy to strong depending on age. The Kanterkomijnekaas PDO with cumin has a scented, spicy and pleasant flavour and varies from mild to strong depending on the age. These firm cut cheeses have a uniform ivory, yellow or greenish-yellow colour. The rind is smooth, compact and without mould. The consistency varies from firm to hard. The weight of each form is between 3 and 8.5 kg.lievemente più scura intorno ai chiodi di garofano. La crosta è liscia, compatta e senza muffe. La consistenza variabile, da solida a dura. Il peso di ogni forma è compreso fra 3 e 8,5 kg.


The Kanterkaas, Kanternagelkaas and Kanterkomijnekaas PDO could be kept in the refrigerator adequately coated. Thanks to its solid to hard texture, this cheese can be eaten sliced or grated. Excellent as a snack or dish, and is widely used in food preparations and as an ingredient in salads.


PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)(ES). Protected designation of origińe (PDO) stands for a product for which the principal steps for production are done following a well-established technique within the same geographical area, which gives the product its characteristics. Year of registration 2000



Dietary product



Fat in dry matter

   20 - 44 %

The dry residue

   51 %


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