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Gammelost, also spelt as Gamalost or Gammalost, is a distinctive Norwegian cheese made from skimmed cow's milk. Since its production is an extremely laborious process, the cheese that was once the staple of a Norwegian diet, is today not made in mass quantities. It is extremely rare to find it outside Norway. Like many other Norwegian products like flat bread and stockfish, Gammelost can be stored for a long duration without refrigeration.

Every year, a Gamalost festival (Gamalostfestivalen) is held in Vik in Sogn at the advent of summer.


A semisoft, blue cheese, Gammelost imparts a sharp and aromatic flavour. Ripened using Mucor, Rhizopus, and Pencillium molds, the crust of the cheese is brownish while the pate is brownish-yellow with a hue of blue and green. Texturally, the cheese is firm, dense, moist and usually granular. It is rich in protein with low fat content of 0.5 to 1.0 %.


National traditional product. PAT(It)



Dietary product




   221 kcal per 100 gr.


   54 gr. per 100 gr.


   0.6 gr. per 100 gr.

Fat in dry matter

   0.5 - 1 %


   0.5 gr. per 100 gr.

Saturated acids

   0.4 gr. per 100 gr.


(Ca) Calcium

  150 mg. ( 83% )*

(P) Phosphorus

  530 mg. ( + 6% )*

Dietary element

(Se) Selenium

  20 mcg. ( + 29% )*

(Zn) Zinc

  2.8 mg. ( 30% )*


(B2) Riboflavin.

  0.75 mg. ( + 150% )*

(B3) Niacin.

   2.5 mg. per 100 gr.

(B5) Pantothenic acid.

   1.3 mg. per 100 gr.

(B12) Cobalamin.

  0.8 mcg. ( 43% )*

*(the difference from the average value)


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