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Zázrivsky korbáčik CHZO

      Zazrivsky korbacik PGI
      Zazrivsky korbacik

Zázrivský Korbácik PGI is a steamed lump cheese product made with raw or pasteurised cow's milk.

In the past the production and sale of Zázrivský Korbácik was the only source of income for the local sheep and cow breeders. It is said that the domestic production of korbáciky in Zázrivá has been going on since the second half of the XIX century, although written documents about the product came much later; many of these were texts describing the qualitative requisites of the cheese and its production method.


Zázrivský Korbácik PGI is plaited into the shape of a little whip between 10 and 50 cm long, with an elastic and stringy texture. If the cheese is smoked it has a golden-yellow colour, a smoky aroma and a slightly milder flavour. The unsmoked type is white to cream in colour and has a more delicate, milky and mildly acidulous taste.

The product is marketed as Zázrivský Korbácik PGI; it can be smoked or unsmoked. It is sold in multipacks wrapped in food-quality film: they contain from 5-10 plaits, but there is a larger pack, known as zväzok (bouquet), which can contain up to 50 plaits. Distinctive Features

During the processing stage Zázrivský Korbácik PGI cheese is steamed in hot water, allowing the cheese to become elastic and flexible, making it possible for the strands to be plaited together into the characteristic shape of a little whip.


Zázrivský Korbácik PGI is a perishable product and should be kept in the refrigerator, in its original packaging, in order to maintain its quality. The cheese can be eaten on its own as a snack or as part of a complete meal. It is also excellent served with fresh bread and a glass of wine.


PGI (Protected Geographical Indication)(ES). The protected geographical indications (PGI) identify an agricultural product, raw or processed, which quality, reputation or other characteristics are linked to its geographical origin. Year of registration 2011



Dietary product



Fat in dry matter

   25 - 35 %

The dry residue

   40 %


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